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About PLE

People remember fun, so Let's Have Fun! 


 At Houston Weddings, School Events, Corporate Functions and so on, there is always a high expectation of fun and PLE delivers FUN!

The core of your event's entertainment is the MUSIC and the core of Party Loud Events is the DJ!

We only hire real classically trained DJs because we are beyond passionate about your MUSIC! 

Once the important moments like special dances, speeches, award ceremonies, raffles, and presentations have come to an end, our REAL DJs, #LoudBooth, and Lighting services make your event FUN and memorable by all who attend!


DJ Service

All DJs are not created equal.


The Houston Area is a true cultural melting pot! At any given event your DJ needs to be able to play everything from Top 40 to Country/Texas Country to Bachata to Reggae/Dancehall to Hip Hop to EDM, to 60s/70s'80s to Tejano to Soca/Calypso to Naija to Salsa to Kompa to Cumbia music and more all without constantly starting and stopping the songs in the mix.


Not all DJs can do this but PLE DJs can because all of our DJs are classically trained open format mixers!


We also provide a super easy to use online music planner account complete with various forms and tools that make your Ceremony/Reception/Party Playlist planning super easy to all our Premier DJ service clients! 


We are all about Anniversary Dances, The Shoe Game, Snowball Dances and 

custom mixes for clients who want to bring a little extra fun and

excitement to their Special Dances!


Click the Sample Mixes to hear the PLE

difference for yourself!

Click the players to hear the PLE DJ difference! 

70's, 80's, 90's, Soca, Top 40/Pop, Salsa, Dance, Bachata, Country

Top 40/Pop, Latin Pop, 90s, Dance, and more!

Slower Lover's Country 2 Step Mix


#LoudBooth (Photo Booth)

High quality props, high quality HD prints, and some of the most lively/fun booth attendants in Houston make the #LoudBooth one of the best event Photo Booths period!

Your wedding photos can take 3-6 weeks or more, your Wedding video may take 3-4 months or more, but your #LoudBooth prints are handed to you and your guests right after they/you finish a session!

Your prints can be customized with colors and layouts you choose and you can add the prints to a scrapbook your guests can sign (Scrapbook is optional)!

Your guests will be talking about your event for weeks and months after and they will have an awesome keepsake!

Note: We provide both enclosed (Big White Booth) as well as Open-Air (Camera with a Colored/Sequins backdrop)


Up Lighting & Custom Monograms 

Most people go to tour the venue for their event during the day because that is when the venues are open.

However a good portion of your event may actually be happening in the evening/night time and the right lighting can take the look of your event from beautiful to stellar!

With our LED Up Lighting we can match most popular bridal colors and our custom monograms promise to take your event to a whole other level of awesome.











The #LoudCloud

(Dancing on a Cloud)

As Houston's Dancing on a Cloud Specialist, our #LoudCloud (Dancing on a Cloud Effect) service promises to take your First Dance to another level! Not just in person, but also in your pictures and wedding video


The #LoudCloud

  • Does not fog up the air (low lying fog) 

  • Will not interfere with your venue's fire suppression systems (non of us want that especially PLE)

  • Does not leave a fog juice residue on the floor (uses dry ice so it just evaporates!)

PLE #LoudSparkx

Looking to take the wow factor of your first dance to 11? Then you should definitely consider adding our #LoudSparkx Cold Sparkler Fountains Effect!

You will literally hear the crowd's oohs and ahhhs!



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